LATEP will carry out tests to validate new ultra-resistant pipes

LATEP has signed an important collaboration agreement with the company CEIS for the investigation and evaluation of the new PE100RC (Resistant to Crack) pipes.

The new revisions of standards UNE-EN 1555 “Plastic material piping systems for the supply of gaseous fuels. Polyethylene (PE)” and UNE-EN 12201 “Piping systems in plastic materials for conduction of water and sanitation with pressure. Polyethylene (PE)” contemplate the inclusion of PE100RC, a material that is ultra-resistant to the slow crack growth, the main mechanism of long-term failure of these materials.

Among the new tests proposed by the standard, there are three that must be carried out directly on the resin: the Strain Hardening Test (ISO 18488), the Crack Round Bar Test (ISO 18489) and the Accelerated Full Notch Creep Test (ISO 16770). Currently in Spain and in its surrounding countries there is no other laboratory capable of carrying out this type of tests, which makes LATEP an international reference laboratory. This achievement was made possible thanks to the Infrastructure Plan approved in 2021, which involved the incorporation of two laboratory equipment to LATEP to carry out the Strain Hardening and the Crack Round Bar Test. In addition, the collaboration established with CEIS will allow the fourth test proposed by the standard to be carried out, this time directly on the pipe, which is the Accelerated Notch Pipe Test, based on the ISO/DIS 13479 standard. With this agreement, LATEP adds a new project with companies, whose list of collaborations includes both national and international entities.