LATEP takes part in the world conference on Plastic Pipes (PPXIX)

LATEP has actively participated in the last world plastic pipe conference (PPXIX) held in Las Vegas (USA). This last edition has had 450 delegates from more than 40 countries, including Carlos Domínguez representing the Rey Juan Carlos University. This congress is one of the largest international meetings between the companies and the most relevant research groups in the petrochemical sector.

During the congress, Carlos Domínguez, has made two oral presentations. The first of them entitled: "Evaluation and comparison of standard and accelerated slow crack growth determination methodologies: Effect of the comonomer type influence" where the last results of the laboratory the study of the long term failure phenomena on polyethylene pipes were shown. The second presentation: "Incorporation of recycled HDPE to PE100 resins for pipe applications" framed within Circular Economy research line that currently has the laboratory. This presentation had a great impact because of the current importance of this subject.