LATEP presented its latest research on polymer recycling in Guangzhou

LATEP was invited to give a presentation at the 6th China International Plastic Pipe Conference, celebrated in Guangzhou (China) 18-19th November 2019. This work entitled: “Incorporation of recycled HDPE to PE100 resins for pipe applications”, was previously presented at the prestigious world congress on plastic pipes, Plastic Pipes XIX, held in Las Vegas (United States).

The presentation was selected by the organizers, among more than 90 works, as one of the best of said congress for the spin-off of China, due to the interest that the possibility of incorporating grades of recycled polyethylene in pipe applications has aroused. Until now, a similar technique had not been used, mainly due to the high specifications and criteria that the material must meet.

The results of this work, carried out by Carlos Domínguez, Rafael Juan, Beatriz Paredes, Nuria Robledo and Rafael A. García-Muñoz from the Rey Juan Carlos University, together with Mónica de la Cruz from AseTUB (ANAIP's Plastic Pipe Sectorial Group), contribute to the objective of sustainability and Circular Economy in Plastics.

It is important to note that this presentation was recognized and awarded by the organization of the congress as one of the four best presented there.